Mech 1: The Parent – What a load of…

Mech 1Mech 1: The Parent (Imperium Series, #1) by B.V. Larson
My rating: 2 out of 10 stars

After centuries in stasis, a lost task force returns home. Arriving from the infinite void the surviving ships discover that the Imperium lies in ruin. The Homeworld itself is destroyed, and nothing lives in the Ancestral System except an infestation of unknown bipedal beings – creatures soft, red of blood and warm of flesh…

When you colonize a planet, make sure the owners aren’t coming back…

I’m not sure what to write on this one. The missing word in the title is, as you probably have guessed, “crap”. There are a lot of other words that come into my mind like unintelligent, messy, nonsense, unbelievable etc. but I find it difficult to put some words around them after having read this book.

The book is quite violent. That in itself is nothing that I have something against but there has to be a purpose to the violence. Here it appears the book is written just as a frame to the violence. It’s like the book was written by a very young writer that just had a serious overdose of Starcraft or some other video game. The plot seems like it came straight out of a script for a cheap video game. It’s unintelligent, unbelievable, messy and nonsensical.

And where are the Mechs? The book blurb starts with “Bio-tech aliens battle Mechs built by humans!” but the Mechs are only appearing for a few pages in the book. I would say this is blatantly false marketing.

There’s not even some interesting characters to keep your interest going, unless you like violent sadistic psychos that is.

Definitely a disappointing book, at least for me.

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