Sigh, here we go with the next project

Repainting the Dining RoomWe have barely finished renovating the entrance hallway but we’re a half insane family  so we already jumped onto the next project. Actually we haven’t really finished renovating the hallway. We’re still missing some decorations like coat hangers, mirrors, door lining etc. but let’s not get picky now.

Anyway, today we started repainting the dining room. We immediately got behind schedule. We, well I, had hoped to get the side of the staircase, the dog’s place under the stairs and the roof done before lunch but when the clock was 12’o clock I had about one third left. We where going for a birthday lunch for Cassandra so there was nothing to do but to quickly rush off, clean the material and try to get cleaned up myself.

We had an excellent lunch at our favourite Indian-Pakistani restaurant, Rajpoute, about 10-15 minutes from our place. Hopefully the staff didn’t take to much notice to the remains of paint that I discovered on my fingers and god knows where else. The food was excellent as usual. Jonathan decided to get brave and ordered the Chicken Jalfrezi (the hottest dish on the menu) and some Chilli Nan to go with it :twisted:. He did survive. Well, I tasted it and it was far from the hottest Jalfrezi (there’s another Indian restaurant in Ferney-Voltaire were the make it as hot as I can handle and that’s barely) I’ve had but still, it wasn’t bad.

Repainting the Dining RoomBack home we jumped straight back to painting. Actually I jumped back to painting while Bodil was doing the last of the door lining in the hallway. I managed to get the rest of the roof and one wall done. Done and done, for the wall I got the first coat done. It needs a second layer of coat which will go on tomorrow.

Originally I had hoped to get all four walls done this afternoon so I could do the second layer of coat tomorrow. Well I guess now I have to try to get the first coat done on the rest of the walls tomorrow and then get the second one done next weekend. The biggest problem is that Cassandra is going to to have her birthday party with her friends next Saturday. Arghhhh :shock:.

Well, at least I got the first coat onto the most important wall today so when the second coat is done I can move the aquarium and buffet furniture back in place so we can use the dining table by Monday evening.

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