More dining room (re)painting…

Repainting the Dining RoomI almost finished as much painting as I hoped for today. The revised schedule didn’t quite hold up but almost. I still have some finishing touches before I can move back the buffet furniture and the aquarium against the wall. Then I have the second coat on the remaining three walls to do next weekend. the first coat went up today.

It’s the fiddly stuff in the corners and against the roof and floor that takes much more time than expected. That has to be done with a pencil and it’s a lot jumping up and down on ladders and chairs as well. Once that’s done and I can start using the roller it goes rather quickly.

When we’ve finished the dining room I think I’m finished with paint jobs for a while. We still have one room that we never got around to repaint since we bought the house but I think that one might have to wait a little while I get this paint job out of the system first.

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