Arrrgghhh, mismatched paint cans!

AngryBodil was going to do some of the remaining retouches yesterday so that we could move back the aquarium and buffet furniture when I came home from work yesterday. It turned out that she had to open the second tin of white paint for the ceiling.

When she started to put it  on it was a noticeably different tone of white as the other can despite the fact that it was the same brand and exactly the same type of paint. Arrrgghhh !!!

Bloody paint manufacturers or rather bloody Bricorama who, apparently, mixed cans from different manufacturing batches on the shelves. I guess that’s what you get when you buy Bricorama’s own brand. Lousy quality control. I guess they might even buy their paint from different manufactures depending on where it’s cheaper each time they order a new batch.

So now Bodil will spend another day afternoon putting another coat on the entire dining room ceiling just to get the same tone everywhere. Next time we’ll make sure we get cans from the same batch or buy a non-generic brand.

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