Microsoft Live Mesh … RIP

Live MeshI installed the latest version of Windows Essentials, that is Windows Essentials 2012, today. Unfortunately this version also removed Live Mesh from my computer and replaced it with the SkyDrive app. It was expected but it’s still a bummer. With the disappearance of Live Mesh goes the peer to peer file sync as well as the rather nifty remote PC control functionality that Live Mesh had and for which you didn’t have to have a fix IP address or DNS lookup which you do need for the standard remote desktop connection in Windows.

I had already replaced the peer to peer sync with Goodsync but for the remote PC there’s no good replacement unless you want to install yet another third party piece of software and for something like controlling your PC remotely I don’t really want to do that.

It’s a shame that Microsoft seems to have been taken over by a bunch of plonkers looking more to design than functionality and who seems to want to change everything even if they then throws out good functionality :-(.

3 thoughts on “Microsoft Live Mesh … RIP

  1. Skoubah

    This upsets me very much as well.

    I dont like good sync because syncs over the network and both PC’s must be on. I have resorted to using sugarsync but it costs money that im shelling out, not happy about that either.

    What we want is sync, i don’t want to copy things from my computer to another skydrive folder which results in wasted space and duplicates. They wanted to compete with dropbox and google drive and in doing so lost my support.

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