Got fish again in my aquarium

Reintroduced fish in my aquarium todayYesterday I took some measures of the water quality in my aquarium and, since they where all good, Bodil and I nipped out for a quick tour to buy some inhabitants for the tank while the kids where busy with their PS3 frenzy.

We first went to Botanic because the quality of both plants an animals are generally better there but they had obviously not gotten deliveries for a while so we continued to Jardiland instead. It is just a 10 minute drive so it was not a big deal. The drawback with going shopping on a Sunday however is that the regular staff is usually not there so we got some young girlie who was rather uninterested in giving any service whatsoever. She had no clue what she was doing but in the end I manage to talk her through getting the fish I wanted properly packed up in plastic bags.

Reintroduced fish in my aquarium todayAnyway now there is some life in the aquarium again. It will be interesting to see how it develops with this more open “Zen-ish” layout. The Elodea plants have, not surprisingly, already started to grow but the Vallisneria haven’t shown much change yet. I just hope that I do not get too much algae since I am not having as much plants as before.

I did a partial water exchange last Saturday morning before Jonathan’s friends arrived and it was so much simpler now when I have chosen to have more sturdy ornamental gold fish (the Comet variety which has elongated fins but still a normal body) instead of my previous fish that required soft, low pH, water which I had to prepare through a filter before I could use it in the tank.

Cassandra liked the new layout since the fish are much more visible with it. She sat and watched it for a good chunk of the afternoon after I had released the fish in the tank. I added a few more shots to my Miscellaneous photo album by the way.

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