Buying stuff is fun. Deliveries not so…

Quite a while ago we ordered new leather fauteuils to replace the ones we have in the living room. Last week we called the company to learn when they expected to deliver them. The person answering looked up our order and declared in her best I-know-what-I’m-talking-about voice that they would arrive middle of November.

FrustratedGuess what? The person obviously didn’t have a clue but simply repeated the provisionary delivery date which we got when we made the order in the first place. So yesterday the delivery company called and asked if they could come today. What the f… Of course they couldn’t come with such short notice…idiots! I was working as usual during the day and Bodil had an appointment for a medical check up at the doctor. Of course they couldn’t give us a fixed date when they would come instead.

So not only do we now not know when the furniture will arrive since we missed the delivery slot but the are probably going to get another can-we-come-now-as-in-right-away style call, hopefully sometime next week. Bloody hell, do these people think other people are just hanging around waiting for them to come?

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