Rain, rain and some more rain…

2012-11-11 002The last two nights the rain have overfilled the rain meter in the garden each night. That’s more than 35 millimeter each night. I cannot remember it raining that much two nights in a row since we moved here and now it is raining again. One have to say that the weather is somewhat boring right now.

Well, at least the forecast for next week is sunny for most of the week.

2012-11-11 004Anyway, nothing bad that does not have something good with it. I did not really have an excuse not to finish those clothes hangers for the entrance hallway. They still have to go up on the wall but we have not found the hooks that we want yet and there is no use putting them up until we found those.

2012-11-11 009I also managed to nip out in the garden while there was a lull in the rain and snap some quick autumn photos of the rain drops on the few remaining leaves as you can see from the photos decorating this post.

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