Thank you Stardock – for Start8

Stardock Start8As I mentioned in a previous post, my new PC got Windows 8 pre-installed on it and we all know that there are some issues running Windows 8 on a real workstation/desktop PC due to some poor decisions taken by Microsoft. I have described most of my thoughts on this in posts here, here and here.

Of course my concerns in the above mentioned posts are still there. Primarily the desktop mode is lobotomized and the Metro (yes, yes I know, some German lawyer forced Microsoft to abandon the Metro name but I do not care, it is Metro that have stuck in my head) apps are mostly useless toys.

Fortunately, all the classical Windows applications still works so as soon as I have gotten past the Metro interface and into desktop mode everything is more or less fine and there are indeed some improvements in Windows 8 that are worthwhile, that has to be said.

Start8 from StardockNow here is where Stardock’s Start8 comes in. Microsoft made two completely incomprehensible decisions with Windows 8. They do not allow you to boot directly into desktop mode and they removed the Windows start menu.

There are really no logical or technical explanation for this whatsoever so one has to assume that some Apple-minded asshole at Microsoft who thinks he should decide what is best for the “stupid users” took those idiotic decisions.

Start8 Configuration ScreenLuckily Start8 fixes both those issues. It is of course really a bummer that you should have to pay for functionality that should be in there from the start but at least it is only 4.99$ which is well spent money. Once installed you have your start menu back and you have an option to boot straight into the desktop mode. It works exactly as advertised.

Thank you Stardock and a big finger to Microsoft :twisted:!

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