Bloody Swedish School in Geneva

LousyNormally the entire family goes to the Swedish Christmas market in Lausanne every year just before Christmas. This year  this tradition have been sabotaged. The worst thing of it all? It was sabotaged by Swedish people.

The Swedish School in Geneva (Svenska Skolan i Geneve) decided in their utter ignorance to put the Lucia singing of the children on the very same day. That is really unbelievable. The most important Christmas event for any Swedish person that stays in the region over Christmas and these plonkers put another event on the same day :-(.

Well, I guess I should not be surprised. They also knew damned well that Timothy was a bit difficult and had speech issues and yet they assigned a teacher to his class which did not speak French at all. A non-French speaking teacher for the complimentary Swedish class (that is for people who’s main language is not really Swedish) who does not speak French in a strictly French speaking region? Well, let us just say that I am not impressed about the amount of (or rather lack of) thought that went into that decision. If they couldn’t find a suitable teacher they could have talked to us instead of just accepting our application for the school year and say nothing.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Cassandra have been training for the Lucia event already and wants to do it we would have skipped the Lucia event altogether. Now we have to split the family between the two events since we must go to the Christmas market to get the necessary ingredients for our Christmas food. I am very disappointed about that :-(.

Jonathan seemed to actually learn something in the Swedish school but now there seems to be little benefit of having the kids there. Timothy is already out since they couldn’t provide teaching for his needs and Cassandra…well I guess she will finish this school year at least.

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