Lucia and Christmas food

E5D-20121208-01695Well today is not really Lucia which, according to Swedish tradition is on the 13th of December. However, the Swedish school in Geneva nevertheless held their Lucia celebration where the kids dress up and sing today.

As I moaned about in a previous post, the plonkers managed to put it on the same day as the Swedish Christmas Market in Lausanne so we had to split up this year. Bodil went to Meyrin for the Lucia stuff with Cassandra and I took the other kids (since they no longer goes to the Swedish school) to Lausanne to buy our Christmas food.

Actually we where not really sure whether we were going to make it or not due to the weather conditions. It has been snowing on and off all week now and yesterday it was coming down quite heavily. Luckily it had stopped before today and, although we had to literally dig ourselves out of our parking space this morning, we (or rather I) managed to get to Lausanne. I took the picture above in the late afternoon when the snow had compacted itself quite a lot due to the few degrees above zero we had today by the way.

Anyway, now we got herring to be pickled, lutfisk, smoked salmon and some strong Swedish cheese and a few other things. All of them vital ingredients for a Swedish Christmas :-).

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