Commander – Also a good one

CommanderCommander (The David Birkenhead Series, #4) by Phil Guesz
My rating: 6 out of 10 stars

In this fourth volume of the "David Birkenhead" series, the newly-promoted Commander Birkenhead is forced to zig when he should’ve zagged and finds himself in what any lesser officer might well consider a hopeless situation. Cut off from all contact with friendly forces, short on supplies and in command of a ship that most of the navy’s brasshats consider a waste of resources, the Hero of Zombie Station must once again make do with what he has rather than what he might wish for.

This is another good young adult book in The David Birkenhead Series although, personally, I think it was a notch below the previous one. In my mind David is till given fairly crappy assignments. Assignments that the rest of the kingdoms navy still hopes that he will fail which is getting a bit annoying.

The first part of the book, where David is mostly involved in administration trying to build up this “budget fleet” of his, is a bit slow going and not so fun read. Not bad but just not as fun as the action in the previous books.

The second part of the book picks up speed when David suddenly finds himself behind enemy lines. Off course it would be too good if he where in a actual war-ship. Instead he commands a converted merchantman which complicates the situation somewhat. Needless to say, David manages to save the day and return, not to home, but at least to some less hostile space in, almost, one piece. I quite liked this part of the book although I felt that some parts where a bit short and that we where rushed through some elements of the story.

Still, overall, a good book though.

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