Commodore – Better than the previous

CommodoreCommodore (The David Birkenhead Series, #6) by Phils Guesz
My rating: 6 out of 10 stars.

David Birkenhead is not by nature a cruel Rabbit. Yet he’s been assigned one of the most miserable missions an officer can ever receive—to bring two renegade Houses of Nobility back into the fold, by force if necessary. And he’s in a terrible hurry as well; the Imperials are certain to strike again at any moment. Will David once again manage to make do with what he has instead of what he might wish for and somehow prevent a civil war and Royal catastrophe?

This books brings back some of the elements that I liked with these books in the first place and tones down the politics a bit although it’s not entirely removed. David again has a active mission in space and this time he has enough authority to give orders, not the other way around. As usual his mission ends up with some difficult decisions as well as desperate fighting.

Unfortunately a lot of the action ends up being down on a planet, mostly as guerilla warfare, and it’s not until the end that we see some fleet action and even then it’s somewhat rushed and over and done with fairly quickly which is a bit of a shame. I miss the well written fleet action that authors like David Weber can produce.

Still, overall I liked this book.

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