There’s one born every second…

IMG-20121220-01696There’s one idiot born every second. Today two of them passed by our house. They decided that it would be more fun to drive across the green space in front of our house than to use the road. It’s been raining for a week and before that we had loads of snow meaning that the lawn have literally turned into a bloody swamp.

Only an idiot would decide to drive a truck across a green area that you don’t know anything about in such conditions. You could see the water floating on top of the grass for Christ sake!

Some total idiots decided it would be more fun to drive accross the lawn than use the road. Naturally they got stuck.Well, the results where exactly as anyone with half a brain could predict. That is they got stuck and they got stuck good. Their front wheels must have sunk down a good two decimetres, maybe more, judging from the photos that my wife took once they walked away to get some help.

Their colleagues that came to help them had just as much fun telling them what plonkers they where as my wife had doing the same thing just after they got stuck :twisted:. Maybe a bit mean but come one, how stupid can you get and be allowed to get away with it? In the end they had to get a proper tow truck to pull them out of there. Naturally ruining a good chunk of the lawn in the process.

Seegmuller is a moving company. I think that’s a company that we might think twice about before using if we ever move from this house.

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