Last working day for the year…finally

Thank God Its FridayAs I’m writing this it’s lunch time on the last working day for 2012…finally. It’s been a busy year…again. I really need a break from work now and to just be able to sit down, read some books and generally recharge the batteries for a while.

Christmas is of course the perfect season for doing just that. Unfortunately the forecast says that the weather will be lousy all the way up to Christmas Eve when we will get a single nice day before it starts to come down again but then that’s probably going to be good for my book reading so I’m not complaining.

We got all the presents bought as well as the food and everything else we might need. There’s plenty of firewood for the fireplace as well so I really do not care what the weather will be. As long as I can sit down and relax I’m happy. Should I get a Christmas present or two so much the better but right now I don’t really care much about anything else than driving out of the CERN gates for the last time this year.

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