Dogs of War – Promising idea, not so good implementation.

Dogs of WarDogs of War by Adrian Sparkman
My rating: 5 out of 10 stars

Jace Walters had never bothered to consider the future and what it might hold for him. The night of his high school graduation was the start of a journey he couldn’t have imagined if he had tried. Jace and his friends find themselves abducted by alien slavers looking to refill their depleted stores of cannon fodder. But Jace and his friends, Earthly and alien, aren’t going to just be warm bodies for the meat grinder.
Now fast forward ten years: Jace and his crew have become some of the most feared, and sought after mercenaries in the known universe. They hadn’t thought of ever seeing Earth again, but their Masters have a little problem. A dangerous experiment has escaped and is heading for Earth and THAT could turn into a PR nightmare, so Jace and the crew are dispatched to retrieve the experiment at all cost. Hopefully before Earth’s dominant life form becomes extinct.

The core plot of this book is a fairly good one and i certainly enjoyed some parts of it. In general I do think the book could have been a lot better though. On Amazon one of the reviewers wrote that the story became a “teenage psychotic wet dream in need of an editor”. Unfortunately I have to agree, at least to some extent.

The book starts of well enough with the initial abduction and the first experiences and “training” of the new slaves. The mission to Earth is also fairly enjoyable to read although it is rather unbelievable that they should end up in Jace’s hometown so he could meet all his old “buddies”.

However, as the book goes on it more and more turns into some mess where interspecies “hump everything in sight” is mixed with psychotic fits of depression and a few outbreaks of violence. It’s amazing that all these alien species seems to have compatible reproductive organs! At least to the extent that they can enjoy sex together.

The end of the book gets somewhat better when there’s a more clear thread in the plot but for a good chunk of the book I simply thought it was a shame that the good story idea was somewhat wasted with all this “teenage psychotic wet dream” stuff.

I still enjoyed the book but it could have been much better.

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