Life Warrior – Another good one

Life WarriorLife Warrior (The Fight for Creation, #1) by Saxon Andrew
My rating: 8 out of 10 stars

The powerful advance of aggressive civilizations has taken a toll on thousands of peaceful civilizations and the Realm is losing ground. With the loss of psychic abilities, there is no one to fly the most powerful warships of the Realm and many of the enemies possess more advanced technologies. A psychic species that kills everything it touches has killed all life on thousands of planets and are expanding into the Realm. Three infants are the only ones to ever survive a Dremor attack and no one knows why they weren’t killed. These three brothers will play an important role in determining the possible survival of the Realm. The three know they share a common destiny but first they must don the armor of a Life Warrior.

I have read pretty much all of Saxon Andrew’s books and, although they are, what I would label as, young adult books, I have really liked them all with none of them getting less than 7 stars in my library (4 on the Goodreads scale).

This book is no exception and I quite enjoyed it. It is a new series but just like Ashes of the Realm is a continuation of the Annihilation series this new series is really a continuation of the Ashes of the Realm series. The changes are perhaps not as dramatic and the timespan between the end of the last one and the beginning of this one is not as huge as it was between Annihilation and Ashes of the Realm.

One of my main gripes with the works of Saxon Andrew has been that they quite quickly evolved into multi-universe spanning stories where stars and galaxies are traversed (and destroyed) at ridiculous speed. This one is more contained. Actually, a good deal of the action is happening dirt side instead of out in space. That’s not to say that there’s no “space stuff” in the book, there’s just not so much as in the previous books.

Another difference is that the rulers (royalty) of The Realm are no longer the all good guys in shining armour, at least not all of them. Instead a new set of heroes are introduced. Gone are also the psychic powers and, here as well, there’s a new mystic power introduced. With not all of the royalty being on the good side there’s an element of treachery and vendettas introduced. Generally I’m not too keen on that kind of stuff but it works quite alright for me in this one.

Even with these changes the book is quite in the classical Saxon Andrew style that I’ve come to enjoy so many times now. If you like the other books by Saxon Andrew you’ll probably like this one. I did.

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