Technokill – Not the best one in the series

TechnokillTechnokill (Starfist, #5) by David Sherman & Dan Gragg
My rating: 5 out of 10 stars

A terrifying secret, an evil coterie of ruthless masterminds, a murderous battle of cunning and deadly skill–it’s time to send in the Marines!

After the Confederation makes a shocking discovery on an alien world, a nefarious band of opportunists from the highest echelons of power plot to steal the vast riches for themselves. Along with the ability to crush any resistance, these moguls possess spacecraft, unlimited resources, and a deadly arsenal of cutting-edge weapons.

This book in the Starfist series was not exactly the strongest card in the deck. Actually I was somewhat disappointed. The title, as well as the book blurb, led me to believe that this would be some high-tech action but actually it’s quite the opposite.

The bad guys do not really have any cutting edge weapons. The planet the marines go to are inhabited buy a primitive alien presence and, thanks to a directive not to expose modern technology to the aliens, the marines are given minimal weaponry and technical support. Not exactly what I expected.

As a matter of fact, the biggest obstacle for the marines is probably the asshole scientist that commands the research station in orbit around the planet. The entire book is more of a police intervention against a bunch of smugglers than anything else.

The fact that the authors have ventured into languages they do not seem to understand (not the first time) doesn’t help. For instance a space ship called Marquis de Rien which roughly translates into Marquis Nothing? Maybe it was meant to be funny but I didn’t really get the fun part in that case.

Okay, it wasn’t a really really bad book and I did enjoy reading it but it was really not up to the standard of the other books in the series that I’ve read so far.

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