Thanks Calibre and a big no-thanks to hypocrites that mess with the language!

CalibreThe word Calibre can mean a lot of things. What I refer to in this post is the free Calibre e-book manager that I use together with Collectorz Books to manage my collection of e-books.

Calibre have a lot of nice features, one of them being the ability to convert (DRM-free) e-books between various formats. I make use of this facility to convert my EPUB books to a format that I can upload to Amazon’s “Personal Documents” from which I can then send the books to my Kindle reader software on my tablet.

I found out an unexpected benefit of this the other day. I’m currently reading John Ringo’s Vorpal Blade. This book has a lot of Marine stuff in it and Marines are as Marines are, their language is somewhat colourful. I have no problem with that. However, it appears that the editor, publisher or some other dickhead did have a problem with it so all the colourful words are replaced with other words which are pure inventions and utterly meaningless. That I do have a problem with. It’s bloody annoying not to mention just nonsense since everyone knows what word or expression that is supposed to be there anyway.

Normally I can get over it but in this book the words are so much nonsense, and there’s a fair amount of these expressions, that it makes the book bloody unreadable. I really dislike these hypocritical fanatics that gets a fit if you use the f-word but don’t mind shooting up a city block or two. Really, if you cannot take a bit of foul language you should perhaps not read books with marines, monsters or bad guys in general in them? There’s a large enough selection out there that everyone can get what they want after all.

Anyway, I remembered that there was quite a few settings for the conversions so I thought, maybe you can actually modify the book when converting it. So I went into the settings and, voila, I found a nice little regular expression search/replace function. After entering the necessary replacements back to normal language, re-converting the book and re-sending it to the Kindle reader I can now read the book without the nonsense language censoring the original had.

Thanks a lot Calibre and to the language hypocrites…screw you :twisted:!

One thought on “Thanks Calibre and a big no-thanks to hypocrites that mess with the language!

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