Windows 8 tablet . . . getting closer

Windows 8 TabletI’m really looking hoping to be able to replace my Android crapware with a Windows tablet fairly soon. I’m rather feed up with the browser crashing or not rendering the page properly, the calendar not syncing, half the apps switching to portrait mode since they think they’re running on a phone etc. etc. on the Android one. Since some time it appears that Windows 8 tablets are actually starting to appear. Now, I am of course talking about real Windows 8 tablets, with Intel hardware and the full Windows 8 OS on them. Not the ARM based Windows RT toys.

The first ones to become available, around here at least, seem to be the Acer ones. The Iconia W510 is already available in some shops and the W700 is on its way. So far there’s no real word on when Microsoft’s own Surface Pro will come out in Europe. In any case, I’m in doubt about that one since it’s rumored that it will have much lower battery time than the RT one. Now that’s not very surprising since the i5 processor is much more of a power hog but the rumors says that it might be as low as half the battery time compared to the RT and that’s just not good enough.

Actually, that’s my biggest hesitation-factor right now. It would be nice to have a i5 or i7 based one but there’s some real doubt on the battery time on those not to mention that there’s no real hard dates when you can get your hands on one yet. Also, Intel will be releasing a bunch of new processors during this year, many of them specifically targeted for mobile devices, with drastically reduced power consumption. Do I really want to buy and tablet now with a, possibly, mediocre battery life and then watch the new ones come out later this year? Well, now you could say that if you reason like that there will always be the next better version around the corner. If I would be sure that I could get one with acceptable battery time right now I wouldn’t hesitate but that does not seem to be the case.

Iconia W510 - 1But I still want a Windows 8 tablet and I do indeed want it now. So that’s why I’m really looking closely at the Iconia W510. It got an Atom processor instead of the i-series which of course makes it quite a lot less powerful. But then I’m not going to use it for anything heavy and the Atom processor gives it a quite good battery life. 9 hours or more according to most tests. It’s comparatively low-priced so if I do decide to by another one later it’s not such a bummer and I might even decide to delegate it for work notes and stuff and buy a second one for home use. I was thinking of delegating the Android crapware for that but lately I’m having second thoughts on that since it’s so…well…crappy.

Decisions, decisions… 😕

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