Scout Warrior – Fun to read but Saxon Andrew’s books starts to feel a bit “mass produced”

Scout WarriorScout Warrior (The Fight for Creation, #2) by Saxon Andrew
My rating: 6 out of 10 stars

It’s been a hundred and sixty years since the three brothers stopped the Dremor and brought the Royals back to respectability. But now, no one hears the music and the Realm is losing ground to the aggressive civilizations. The Creator is sick and will die if the forces against the Realm are not stopped, and soon.

To make matters worse, one of the largest and most aggressive civilizations has developed a new high powered beam on their battleships that no ship of the Realm can withstand. The new beam coupled with a teleport suppression field may be the final death knell for the Life Warriors.

But…one small being is coming to the Realm to play. She’s initially turned down for service in the Warriors but finally manages to enlist and her impact on events is monumental. The Scout Warrior is more than anyone expects; even herself.

As usual, it was fun to read this book by Saxon Andrew. You do of course have adjust your mind to reading a book that is clearly intended for the “young adult” reader segment. The plot is simplistic, the heroes are generally “uberbeings” of spotless morale and the bad guys are…well…bad guys. That’s probably why I like reading them. They are so refreshingly naïve, and I mean that in a positive way, and far away from the, sometimes, gray and complicated everyday reality.

The book, of course, follows on from the first one in the series although we jump ahead almost 200 years. Naturally the book is filled with action, mostly in the form of wiping out bad guys, both on the ground and in space. The red thread throughout the book is Jinxie, the “small being” that comes to play but of course gets entangled into the crusade of the Realm against the nasty elements that roams the galaxies. I’m sure it’s not a surprise to anyone if I reveal that there are one or two love affairs going on as well.

With all that said, I think this book got the lowest rating from me that I have ever given any book from Saxon Andrew. I just get the feeling that Saxon Andrew have fallen into the trap of mass producing these books to cash in on the popularity. The book feels rushed. Sure it is intended for the younger audiences but still. It’s very much a rehashing of the same basic stuff as in the previous books. One of the first battles with Jinxie in it is pretty much: “She teleported there, she fired at that, she blew up that, she teleported there, repeat…” and it goes on like that for a couple of pages. There’s no longer much detail to any of the action. And some of the moral finger-pointing is getting a bit over the top as well.

I think that Saxon Andrew should perhaps slow down a bit and make sure that quantity isn’t allowed to force quality to take a back seat.

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