Arrghhh, bloody sloppy mail “delivery”

FrustratedI was quite happy when going home from work last evening. I had gotten an email from the French mail service that my package, the one with the Windows 8 tablet, had been delivered. When I was tracking the package via their site I found out that I could register for updates via email. I could even choose what kind of information that I wanted, if I wanted to be notified the day before, failed deliveries, when it was delivered etc. Quite a nice service, I thought, so I asked for an email to be sent for the events that I was interested in.

So yesterday around 4’o clock I got an email that said that my package was delivered. Great, right? Well, not so great actually. It turned out that their idea of “delivery” was that they had put a note in our mailbox saying that we where not at home when they came so we could go and pick up the parcel at the nearest post office. What the f… kind if “delivery” is that? On top of everything the nearest post office is a crummy little post office that the postal service wants to close, but the villagers are fighting against closure, and thus the postal service have reduced the opening hours to 2 hours a day each morning so they can say that no one uses it and force it closed.

Arrrggghhhh 👿

I hope that my wife will have time to go and pick it up today. Grumble…

One thought on “Arrghhh, bloody sloppy mail “delivery”

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