Resurgence of an Ancient Darkness – Fun to read cross between ancient magic and science fiction

Resurgence of Ancient DarknessResurgence of an Ancient Darkness (Lost Tales of Power, #4)
  by Vincent Trigili
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

When Shadow’s team healed reality by closing the last tear they paved the way for a new evil, one that has been patiently waiting for its chance to rise again. Shadow must build a navy out of his fledgling Battle Wizards and carry the fight to the enemy before it comes for them. Meanwhile, the old man and his steel-eyed partner are making their own plans, and the peace that once reigned throughout the galaxy has come tumbling down.

These books in the Lost Tales of Power series are indeed quite fun read. They are a, sometimes strange, mix between futuristic science fiction and medieval magic. The first book where mostly science fiction and most of the story was about how the main characters discovered that magic actually was for real. The latter books have leaned over in the other direction so it’s now mostly about magic and the science fiction parts are more part of the background setting.

So far the best books in the series have been books 1 and 2. After that the novelty and the thrill of discovery have worn off a bit. That doesn’t mean that the later books are bad though. Quite the contrary. The mixture of old-fashioned magic, throwing of lightning-bolts etc. with futuristic space ships slugging it out is certainly a fun read and makes the books separate themselves from the crowd.

In this book the main character from the first two books, Vydor, is a bit more present which I think is good. I was missing him in the last book. He’s not really playing the main role in this book either though. I certainly would have liked him to be even more present.

In the book the Wizards take on an ancient enemy that was banished from the realm a long time ago. At the end the enemy is kind of defeated…but not fully. The Wizards have the help of a more present enemy, who repeatedly claims that they will have to fight at some future date, to do this. In the end the book leaves quite a few loose ends on which you could build several more books.

My main gripe with these books is that the author often writes in the first person perspective. That’s fine with me except that he does this with more than one person and flips between them. This is sometimes confusing since it’s not always obvious which person he just flipped to and for a page or two you’re wondering who you’re actually following. Not a major issue but sometimes a bit annoying.

The author claims that this book is the conclusion of the first “quartet” in the series. I cannot say that I saw much of a conclusion really. It felt very much just like the-next-book-in-the-series and, as such, it was clearly paving the way for the continuation. I guess it might be clearer when we get to read volume V what he meant and if he will take off in some new direction.

Anyway, as I said, a quite enjoyable read.

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