Red, White and Blood – What a nosedive!

Red, White and BloodRed, White and Blood (Nathaniel Cade, #3) by Christopher Farnsworth
My rating: 4 out of 10 stars

A political operative and a volunteer are brutally murdered while caught in a compromising position. Written in their blood on the wall of the crime scene: IT’S GOOD TO BE BACK.

And with that, a centuries-old horror known only as the Boogeyman returns to taunt Nathaniel Cade, the President’s Vampire. Against the backdrop of the 2012 presidential race, with the threat of constant exposure by the media, Cade and Zach must stop the one monster Cade has never been able to defeat completely. And they must do it before the Boogeyman adds another victim to his long and bloody list: the President of the United States himself.

I liked the first book in this series and I thought the second one was very good. Thus it’s with sadness I have to say that in my opinion this, the third, book in the series went for a real nosedive.

The story takes place right during the presidential campaign which of course makes my political bullshit early warning system go into high gear right away. I still wanted to read the book though since I did like the first two books. However, the political bullshitting, plotting, betrayals, dumbass journalists and so on, are just not very fun read. At least not for me.

The parts with Cade in are still very good. His conversations (if you can call them that) with Zach, him intimidating the unfortunate mortals that cross his path, the action. These are the parts that I really like and would like to read more of.

Then we come to the end and that is really when disaster strikes. I don’t really want to spoil things but on the last few pages enemies are experiencing surprise revivals and good guys have unfortunate “accidents” in a way which really did not sit well with me. The cliffhanger left is huge and obvious as well. The entire ending is what I would expect of a soap opera…a cheap soap opera. For me it was a star off just for the ending.

What a disappointment. Now I am not sure that I really want to read the next book if one comes out.

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