What kind of idiots write assembly instructions?

New office chair for my computer cornerMy old office chair that I had in my computer corner on the living room mezzanine broke down a couple of days ago. One of the wheels was already falling off every so often and now a second one broke. The fixture literally exploded and made a big oily mess on my carpet. So I got a new one and this afternoon, after having stacked the six stere of firewood that I got last Wednesday (that’s around 1.5 metric tons by the way…ouch), I assembled it.

I have to ask, what kind of idiots writes these instructions? First of all they always seems to use a photocopier from the 70´s to print them on. Why, in this age of modern technology, do we have to contend with some fuzzy and barely readable images where you, at best, can see that it’s a chair and not a sofa that you’re supposed to assemble. However, here comes the really good part (extract of the actual instructions):

    • Assemble bla bla bla . . . DO NOT TIGHTEN THE SCREWS!
    • Assemble bla bla bla . . . DO NOT TIGHTEN THE SCREWS!
    • . . .
    • Insert the plastic plugs into the screw wholes to cover up the screw heads.

Now, how in the f… hell am I going to tighten the screws when I have already covered them up !?!?!?

Luckily I have learned the hard way to a) read the entire instruction before starting to actually assemble anything and b) not to trust it in the first place.

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