Evolution – Decent enough comedy flick

EvolutionEvolution by Ivan Reitman on SyFy (CanalSat)
My rating: 6 out of 10 stars

A firefighting cadet, two college professors, and a geeky-but-sexy government scientist work against an alien organism that has been rapidly evolving ever since its arrival on Earth inside a meteor.

Now this quite unusual. There has been a decent movie shown on SyFy-channel two days in a row now. None of them have been one of SyFy’s own productions of course. Yesterday they gave Evolution and the day before it was The Spiderwick Chronicles.

Evolution is not really a great movie by any standard but it is certainly decent enough to make for an enjoyable evening in front to the TV. You have to take it for what it is of course. It’s a comedy. There’s no pretence of actual science, totally nonsense decisions are made when encountering a alien, fast evolving, organism, the people are to be laughed at and, mostly, so are the monsters.

The moving trots along at a decent pace with jokes interspersed as we go along. It is quite funny at times but also quite silly at times. The fire fighting cadet is sometimes making me squirm in my seat. So is the military colonel. He really bugs me, even the way he looks.

Both David Duchovny and Dan Aykroyd are doing a god job in the movie and helps elevate it above the usual B-movie-fall-on-your-arse comedy. As I said, it made for an enjoyable evening in front of the TV. One which the entire family enjoyed yesterday.

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