Grumble, bloody cheap CanalSat receiver

CanalSat Le Cube is CrapLast evening we where planning to watch the last two episodes of Warehouse 13. The last two that have been recorded that is. There’s more episodes on their way in April for this season.

However, we where never able to watch anything. It was not really any particularly nasty weather or anything but the signal just broke up every so often and gave us a black picture with the sound still going. Flipping to another channel and then back gave us back the picture but only for a little while. Naturally this incredibly cheaply designed and manufactured CanalSat “+Le Cube” receiver didn’t give us something useful like “Lost signal” but just screwed up the image over and over again.

I tried to power down the receiver and power it up again but then of course we get to the next issue with this cheap pile of crap. It takes forever for it to power up. Especially when there seems to be reception problems. We’re talking 10 minutes or more. That’s just plain ridiculous. I’m sure whoever coded the firmware didn’t bother with any form of error handling nor did anyone apply any form of quality assurance to the work so it sits and waits forever on some timeouts trying to connect to the satellite signal before giving up and booting with the last known data.

So, even if we would have gotten the crap to work again, it would have been too late with half the episode gone so we switched over to the ground based TV network and watched the last half of Scary Movie 3 on one of the few channels available. Not my first choice of stuff to watch but better than nothing.

It is really a shame that CanalSat pretty much holds a monopoly on satellite transmissions in France. I would have bought myself a satellite receiver from one of the known brands some time ago if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m worried whether it will actually work or if CanalSat have screwed around with something and deliberately made their stuff incompatible with standard equipment.

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