Forcing some culture onto the kids today

Visit at Musee d'Art et d'Historie in GenevaAs most kids today our kids spend too much time in front of the TV unless you “persuade” them to do something else. Thus today Bodil had the bright idea that we should not sit and gather dust at home, something that has a tendency to happen during the cold and rainy season of the year. More specifically, we went to the Musée d’Art et d’Histoire in Geneva.

I think this was an excellent idea. We have been walking past this museum many times on our visits to Geneva but we have never actually ventured inside it. Not only did we force some culture onto the kids but it was a quite interesting visit and we got a nice lunch in the old town of Geneva afterwards.

Visit at Musee d'Art et d'Historie in Geneva - Timothy taking notesActually the kids were a lot more interested than we expected, or perhaps I should say that they complained less than we expected. Timothy had gotten the idea that he should write down everything he saw in his new notebook so he was busy most of the time.

When in Switzerland the museums are quite well maintained and this was no exception. It was however also very “Swiss” in the sense that they had guards everywhere. They really had guards, watching your every move, in every little room and there were plenty of rooms. It must cost a fortune with all those guards not to mention that it really felt like you were in a police state which of course I would say Switzerland really is compared to many countries.

Well, it was a nice visit anyway and afterwards we went to Au Pied de Cochon for a very nice lunch. We’ve been there a couple of times and it has become a bit of a favourite restaurant for us when in the old town of Geneva.

I have uploaded a few more of the photos I took to the Miscellaneous photo album on SkyDrive. I only had my little compact with me though and one is not allowed to use a flash in the museum so the quality of the photos are fairly poor.

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