The bloody crap did it again !

CanalSat Le Cube is CrapYes this is another rant about that crap-box (+Le Cube) from CanalSat so you can probably stop reading now. If you happen to be a CanalSat employee you probably will since that company do not seem to care one bit about what services they provide to the customers. Anyway, I need to write something to get my frustrations out of my system so here it is…

It is bloody unbelievable what crap hardware this is. A while ago we wanted to record the last two episodes of Warehouse 13 since we could not watch them when we had planned. So I set them to be recorded by the above mentioned crap-box. Actually I do not like that series very much but Jonathan does so we are watching it.

When I looked the day after it looked like they were recorded and everything was well. However, when we sat down to watch them we found out that it had recorded everything with a 3(!) second delay between the picture and the sound. What the f…?

And only a few days after that debacle we realized that SyFy had decided to give four episodes of the second season of Alphas on the same evening. I hate it when they do that. Why the hell do the French always always rush through all the TV-series by forcing in at least two episodes every evening?

Anyway, we realized this when the third one started so we said, let us record it. When I clicked on the record button in the menu the bloody crap just hung. Totally unbelievable. Nothing we did could unblock it. We really wanted to go to bed, it was a working day the next day, so we just went “to hell with it” and left it there. The next morning it was working again but both episodes that we had set up to record was just showing failure.

It is f… unbelievable what kind of utter useless crap this is. I’m getting closer and closer to spend, and possibly waste if it doesn’t work, some money on getting some other hardware for this.

Okay, rant over.

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