Made a trip to Lausanne today

Visit at Musee d'Elysee in LausanneJust by chance my dear wife noticed, when reading my latest photo magazine, that there was a photo exposition in Musee de l’Elysee in Lausanne this month. So we decided to make a trip to Lausanne this weekend and visit the museum. I am a photo amateur after all and Lausanne is a quite nice little town to visit.

Unfortunately the weather was quite grey as you can see and I only had my little compact with me so the photos that I took is rather dull. At least it was not raining and you were not allowed to take any photos inside the museum anyway. Not that this was very surprising though. It was a nice exposition and the weather did not really bother us once inside of course.

Visit at Musee d'Elysee in LausanneAfter the visit we strolled down to the lakeside and had a nice lunch at an Italian restaurant there. We really do like Italian food which, unlike what some people seem to think, is so much more than Pizza and Spaghetti, so we often pick Italian restaurants. There are quite a few of them in this region although most of the good ones are on the Swiss side of the border. The food was quite excellent even though they goofed up a bit in the middle with a rather long wait between the entree and the main course.

Bodil had a nice pasta with Coquille Saint-Jacques and I had a piece of Turbot. For desert I had to try their Fondant de Chocolate which was “freshened up” with truffles according to the menu. I thought it was a somewhat bizarre combination which is why I just had to try it. It turned out that the truffles part was a piece of ice cream spiced with black truffles. It had a surprisingly balanced taste but it still did not really taste quite right to me. I kept associating the taste of the truffles with something else than a desert so it just became wrong somehow. It was nice to have tried it though.

I uploaded a few more of the photos that I took to my Miscellaneous photo album on SkyDrive.

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