Classical Herring Easter Lunch

Easter Saturday LunchSaturday + Easter = Herring Lunch. Obviously pickled herring was exactly what we had for lunch this Easter Saturday. Well, not only herring since the two smallest ones do not really like herring. So we had some classical Swedish meatballs (home made and guaranteed horse-free), some sausages, cheese and home made bread as well. Bodil makes some excellent buns which are just fantastic to eat fresh from the oven. And we had eggs of course. Another must have for Easter.

After the lunch the kids had their Easter egg hunt and now we are just sitting down digesting the food. Bodil is reading her latest book and I’m soon going to read a few chapters in mine. The kids are playing Sims on the PS3 except for Jonathan who is busy with the new add-ons for his Kerbal Space Program, that he persuaded me to download for his PC this morning. In short a nice and relaxed Easter Saturday afternoon.

Easter Saturday LunchEaster Saturday LunchEaster Saturday Lunch

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