Visit to Bellegarde and JJ’s future high school (we hope)

Visit at JJ's future (we hope) high schoolToday the high school (lycée) in Bellegarde Sur Valserine had “porte ouverte” for those who are about to make their choice of next educational step this summer. This school is Jonathan’s first choice so naturally we went there. At least we hope that it will be Jonathan’s future high school. You have to apply and since there is a similar education in Ferney Voltaire, which is closer, he will not be prioritized if there will be a competition for the available places.

We really hope that he will be able to get a place in Bellegarde, even though it is further away, since the one in Ferney is huge and doesn’t really have the best reputation. The entire village of Ferney is really a bit of a shaggy place.

The drawback with Bellegarde is of course that it is a bit of a drive up the Jura mountains and this can be difficult during wintertime. Thus, if he gets a place, he will be living on campus during the week. Not that we mind though since we think this will be a good “life experience”.

Lunch at La Mainaz after the visit at BellgardeAfter the visit we took the scenic route on the other side of the Jura and ended up in the restaurant of the La Mainaz Hotel for a nice lunch. It was a rather interesting drive given that there was still several meter high snow dunes on the side of the road when we passed the highest points of the Jura. We couldn’t really see the valley were we live through the restaurant window since the snow was in the way.

I uploaded a few more photos that I took at the school to my Miscellaneous photo album on SkyDrive. Although we had better weather than what was advertised it was, unfortunately, a bit grey.

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