Salon Nature & Vie in Gex

Visit at Salon de Vie et Nature in GexThis weekend was the weekend of the Salon Nature & Vie in Gex. We generally try to visit this salon since a few of our favourite suppliers are there. In particular our supplier of various pates and fois gras and also one of the local wine dealers.

We had quite high hopes this year since a German dealer of German beer and sausages were supposed to be there as well. He has not been there for a couple of years but when he was there we usually had some German “bratwurst mit sauerkraut” for lunch. Nothing fancy but a bit out of the ordinary in this region so we used to enjoy it quite a lot.

Visit at Salon de Vie et Nature in GexUnfortunately there has gone silly politics in this salon. Already when it changed from being “Gexpo” to this green “Nature & Vie” crap it started to go downhill with a lot of good exhibitors disappearing. Now we learned that our German friend was not allowed to sell nor beer nor his sausages any more. That was reserved for the, supposedly, “green” restaurant that the organisers of the salon had there.

That is just such a load of crap. One of the pleasures of “Gexpo” was that you could go around and sample products from various regions of Europe. Now these politically correct bullshitters have ruined all that.

Visit at Salon de Vie et Nature in GexWell, we got our pates, fois gras and a few bottles of wine. There’s no way we are going to pay ridiculous prices at some silly restaurant at the salon that have forced all their competitors out by political means so after having done our shopping we drove home passing by a simple but good Pizza restaurant for a quick lunch.

There are a few more pictures from the visit in my Miscellaneous album on SkyDrive.

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