Here we go again…birthday time!

Timothy's birthday cakeYesterday was Timothy’s 10th birthday. As usual we started the day by opening the presents. With three kids this entire birthday thing is kind of becoming somewhat of a routine procedure.

Timothy was in luck this birthday since his school teacher is hospitalised and the replacement will not start until next week so he did not have to go to school on his birthday. Actually he has not been at school for the entire week. I’m not sure Bodil is very happy about that.

Tomorrow he is going to have his birthday party with his friends from school. I was at work all day yesterday but to today I have the day off to do some private business related to the replacement of my old car. That bit went quite poorly but I will probably write another post about that.

Anyway, while in the car we also passed by the party accessories shop to pick up a piñata. Cassandra had a piñata on her birthday party so now Timothy wanted one as well. I hope his friends are not as over-excited as Timothy is right now, otherwise I will go and hide in the basement tomorrow.

Present opening in the morning of Timothy's birthdayPresent opening in the morning of Timothy's birthdayTimothy's birthday cake

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