Birthday continued. . .

Timothy's birthday partyAlthough Timothy’s birthday was last Thursday he had his birthday party today. It is kind of difficult to arrange a birthday party on a normal school/working day after all. Strangely enough I didn’t have to go hide in the basement this time. Sure, the sound volume was highly elevated but at least they pretty much stayed in one place instead of running madly all over the house. Thanks to Mr. PS3 for that.

Normally I would object against using the TV, or in this case a game console, as a “baby sitter” but Timothy had carefully planned what they where going to play and you can play competitions with more than one player on this thing after all and it was his birthday so we allowed him to have his way…today.

Timothy's birthday partyWe did mange to get them away from the TV in order to eat the birthday cake as well as to break the piñata. Speaking of the piñata . That took me by somewhat of a surprise. Call me old-fashioned but I thought the boys would be excited by smashing this thing but in the end it was mostly Timothy and Cassandra hitting it. We had one of these things when Cassandra had her birthday party and then all the kids (girlies) went at it with great enthusiasm. So much for the females being the “weaker” sex.

I took a few shots as usual and uploaded some of them to my Miscellaneous photo album.

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