Visited another car dealer yesterday – turned around in the door

As I wrote about in a previous post it seems to be more difficult than I assumed to replace my ten year old Tahoe. I assumed that it would be difficult to sell the Tahoe given that it has a 20 litre consumption as soon as you get off the highway. I never imagined that the dealers simply could not be bothered to give you a quote as the Cadillac dealer did. All was very nice in the shop and we were going to get a quote next week. That was a month and half ago and I still have no quote.

2014 Grand Cherokee SRT8 - 2The Jeep dealer didn’t come back “the next week” either but after a reminder he did come back when he promised and also excused himself for being late. Thus I would say that a Jeep is the most probably replacement as it stands today. It has slightly smaller exterior dimensions and only 5 seats but to its advantage it has a seriously don’t-fuck-with-me engine.

Anyway, yesterday I had the day off since I wanted to visit a Jeep dealer outside of Geneva to get a second quote. I didn’t really have high hopes that I would get a substantially better offer but often dealers outside of the extremely high-cost Geneva area are easier to deal with. It was close enough that driving there for service would not be too discouraging.

However, any hope that I might have had was quickly squashed. As the title of this post says, we turned around in the door. What a bloody dump! I wouldn’t have gone there if it wasn’t for the fact that they were supposed to be authorized Jeep dealers. Two mechanics where sitting in the lobby having coffee. Totally uninterested about everything around them. No one else was in sight, certainly not any sales people. There was no new cars whatsoever on display and the display room was literally filled with old wrecks.

When I got home I actually looked the place up again since I wanted to make a review on it warning people off and then, suddenly, up popped another Jeep garage in the vicinity that hadn’t been there before when I searched for Jeep. One wonders if this first garage had gone bust and the Jeep agency had been taken over by this other garage.

What an utter disappointment!

Well I plan to go and have a chat with the Jeep dealer that actually gave me an offer in the near future. I’ve given the Cadillac dealer an deadline telling him that if he doesn’t get his thumbs out of his behind by beginning of next week I will count him out.

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