Back from our Spring holiday in Sweden

Spring holiday in Sweden - Barbeque time !Yesterday we came back from our “spring holiday” in Sweden. It is nice to visit our Scandinavian “homelands” once in a while. That way you stop complaining about the “bad weather” here in Crozet because you realise that it is not really that bad. It was bloody cold in Sweden. Not to mention windy. At my parents place it alternated between really windy and full storm. During the week we had one nice day when we could sit outside and have a lovely barbeque at my parent in law’s place.

Well, it was nice to visit everyone anyway and the lousy weather gave a reason for lighting up the fireplace in the evening so I’m not complaining (too much).

Of course I took a few photos during the stay in Sweden but since we were flying to Sweden instead of going by car this time I didn’t drag my big SLR with me but only my small compact. Thus the quality is somewhat mediocre.

Anyway, I have uploaded a few of the photos that I took to the 2013 Spring Holiday photo album on SkyDrive.

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