First lawn mowing of the year although it was not exactly spring-like conditions

Mowing The LawnThe grass was high enough to cut already the weekend before we left for Sweden but the rain was pouring down that weekend. Naturally, since it had been alternating between sun and rain while we had been in Sweden, it was a bloody jungle in the garden. Of course it just had to continue to rain last weekend as well, at least on the Saturday. When I went out of bed on Sunday morning, looking out the window, the roads seemed to have dried up a little and it was not raining just then.

Thus, as soon as it was legal to make noises with powered equipment I went out and cranked up the lawn mower. It took a few attempts since it had been standing in the garage all winter. The grass had not really dried out that early of course, and it was really really high, so the mower almost choked every few meters. I had to stop and turn it over every so often and remove the grass that was clinging to the chassis not to mention blocking the outflow.

Usually the first lawn mowing is kind of a spring-is-finally-here event but this time it was cold, less than 10 degrees, wet and generally yucky. I certainly hope this spring shapes up to be a bit better than it has started.

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