1st of May, one holiday I could be without

Holiday time again. I didn’t work more than two days after my holiday in Sweden until it is holiday again. Actually this month is full of holidays. Next week the Thursday is a holiday. Actually in France the Wednesday is a holiday as well but at CERN we do follow the Swiss holiday calendar. Then the week beginning on the 20th the Monday is a day off.

It is nice to be on holiday but 1st of May is certainly a holiday that I could be without. I am vehemently against political holidays. Why the hell we should have a left-wing holiday is beyond me. It is also a mostly useless holiday since everything is even more closed than on most real holidays and there is nothing really to celebrate.

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRTWell I guess I can sit and drool over my car brochures instead. The day before yesterday I made the final signatures as well as the down payment (ouch) for the replacement of my 10-year-old Tahoe. It is a 2014 model though so it will take quite some months before I actually get it. Anyway, as the Swedish proverb says: “He who waits for something good never waits too long”. I hated when my parents said that to me and I still think it is a load of bull :-).

Anyway, I downloaded another bunch of pictures from the manufacturers site and put them in this folder on SkyDrive for me to drool over while I am waiting.

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