One third of they year gone already – Created a 2013 Annual Selection photo album

Spring holiday in Sweden - The Garden in ListarumOne third of the year have already passed. As usual time is passing way too fast. Unfortunately one only seems to remember that one thought time was passing too fast when one looks back. All too soon one are eager for time to pass quickly again when waiting for that movie to come out, that latest gadget to be delivered or something else that one are looking forward to.

Anyway, I have just moved my 2012 Annual Selection photo album to the Archived Annual Selections folder and created a new 2013 Annual Selection photo album where I, as the name suggests, uploaded a selection of photos that I have taken so far this year.

As usual with the selections of mine it is a mixture of pure family photos (this is my family blog after all), photos that I thought where fun, photos that represents a memory of some event or photos that I thought where good photo art. Unfortunately I have been somewhat lazy with my photo hobby this year so there are really not very many of the latter category in the selection so far. I might have been able to add a few more of the artistic ones if I had brought my SLR with me to Sweden instead of my compact but since we were flying there instead of driving, and were quite busy once there as well, I was not really prepared to schlepp that bulky equipment with me and risk it being damaged or stolen.

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