Start of a long weekend

Vive Le Week-endToday is another official holiday both in France and Switzerland so consequently I am not working today. I also took the Friday off so today is the start of a long weekend for me. Usually the kids would also have the Friday off but this year Hollande & Co have decided to meddle into the school schedule and, for reasons that they have not really been able to explain, the Friday is a normal school day. Trust the socialists to screw things up, but then, Hollande have also become the most unpopular French president ever after the first year in office.

Anyway, today is a holiday so I cannot use any noisemaking equipment thus I hope that we will get some decent whether tomorrow so that I can get the vegetable garden cultivated. I have already spread out the compost and would have it done already if it wasn’t for my old cultivator breaking down after the first meter. It wasn’t really a surprise since it was on its last leg but I still had to go and get another one which I couldn’t do on that very day so now I’m waiting for a day which isn’t red in the almanac and when it isn’t raining to try my new cultivator out and get the vegetable garden ready for the potatoes and other stuff.

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