A little Saturday excursion to Shilliger Garden Center

Shilliger Garden CentreYesterday we went on a small excursion to Shilliger Garden Centre in Gland on the Swiss side of the border. It is a place where we go maybe once, or twice at most, per year just because it is such a nice place to look around in. Apart from the garden bit they also have an “animalerie”, as most garden centres around here, and also a rather large gift/decoration shop. The hole place is quite big. Easily several times the garden centre we normally go to in St Genis Pouilly.

I wanted to see what they had in the area of construction material for the garden. More specifically bricks usable for a small wall around one of our flower beds. This was more or less a failure though since they had pretty much nothing of that nature. Well, we still went away from there with a new branch cutter and rubber boots for the two youngest.

Lunch at Da Vinci in Divonne Les BainsAfterwards we drove back via Divonne Les Bains where we had lunch. We had originally planned for a simple pizza at the Nova pizzeria that we re-discovered a while ago. Unfortunately it turned out that they were exceptionally closed yesterday. I did not really fancy getting into the car again to find something else so we ended up at another of our favourite restaurants, the Da Vinci. Although it is Italian they do not have pizzas and it is a lot fancier than the Nova but none of the kids complained and neither did I or Bodil. Lobster on a bed of rice and fresh asparagus had to do as a pizza substitute for us poor souls :-).

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