French Chrome Car Meeting in Crozet

The annual meeting of the French Chrome car clubToday the annual meeting of the French Chrome car club was held in Crozet. We missed it last year (they do not really make much publicity) but this year we kept our eyes open so we we wouldn’t miss it. Unfortunately the weather was not exactly ideal, as you can see from the photos, but it was good enough that we could walk down to the “La Place de Fête” where the event was held.

Unfortunately I think we were there a bit early since the cars were still arriving. Anyway, there were still a few old car to look at while we were there. They had started up the barbeque as well but we had not really planned having a lunch there so we did not stay. I am tempted to apply for membership to the club though.

The annual meeting of the French Chrome car clubThere are loads of cars with Swiss plates there so I guess that you do not have to be a 10th generation French to be a member. My Tahoe is certainly unusual enough in this region to qualify for membership, at least if the cars they exhibit is any indicator, and the new one I’m getting is perhaps even more so. It is not only old cars that they exhibit but any “voiture de exception” according to the banner they have and any US car would certainly be a “voiture de exception” around here.

I have uploaded a bunch of the photos that I took to my Miscellaneous photo album for any car enthusiast to look at as well as a few shots I made while walking to and from our house and the gathering.

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