Barbequing in The Rain

Chorizo CruWell, luckily the rain didn’t start (again) until later in the evening so I did manage to barbeque my Chorizo cru that we had for dinner without them being watered down and we had planned on eating them inside in the dining room anyway since it was in the evening and it is still way to chilly to sit outside in the evening.

This year we have had the most abysmal, cold and wet spring that I can remember since we moved to France almost 20 years ago. It rains for days and days with a few, and I mean a few, sunny hours every now and then. We still haven’t gotten the potatoes into the ground. As it looks now we should probably go for water lilies in the vegetable garden instead. I did manage to get the, again long overdue, lawn mowed yesterday before Jonathan and I went to the Val Thoiry shopping centre to get birthday presents for my dear wife. It was just barely though and it was still so wet that the lawn mower was more chewing itself through it than actually cutting it. This morning I manage to trim the hedge even though that one was, surprise surprise, also still wet but now the clouds are building up again.

A colleague of mine complained last Friday that they had to make a fire in the fireplace and at the same time it is only about a month before the days are starting to get shorter again. Heck, I want summer and I want it now!

The Chorizos were excellent though. I made a Mexican-inspired bean stew with chilli peppers, sweet corn, tomatoes and a few herbs and spices to go with it. For once the kids downed their vegetables.

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