My wife’s cunning plan backfired . . . and we are actually quite happy about it

Reading Book 2My dear wife was getting mighty tired of reading bed time stories for Cassandra from our collection of children’s books every  evening so she bought some real books from which she planned to read a chapter or a few pages every evening instead. Okay they are of course still books for children still but they are real books and not the short bedtime stories that she used to read.

As it turned out, Cassandra started to read them herself instead. Now she drags her book with her everywhere and reads as soon as she gets an opportunity. We have tried to get the two boys to read some real books every once in a while but rather unsuccessfully so we are quite happy that it looks like at least one of the kids took a liking to some real reading.

Now I just have to sneak a reading tablet past my wife and into Cassandra’s hands :-). Bodil is fiercely in favor of paper books but if Cassandra also starts to read books only on paper then we we will have to build an extension to the house just to store them all.

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