Birthday time again. . .

Bodil's birthday cakeThis time, yesterday actually, it was Bodil’s birthday which is a somewhat calmer affair than the kid’s birthdays. Specifically, there will be no birthday party with a “wild bunch” running around the house screaming and making a mess. Okay, okay, the running around screaming part have been toned down a bit as the kids have gotten older but it is still a rather messy affair when the two youngest are concerned.

Bodil had requested a quite tasty dish with lime and chili-pepper marinated chicken fillets and an Avocado salad which I made for her after coming home from work. The cake she had made herself the day before. It was also very tasty although unusually heavy for being us. I was rather stuffed afterwards.

Tomorrow we will try out a new restaurant for the traditional birthday outing, Le Rectiligne, in Divonne-les-Bains. Well, it is not new as in really new but it is new for us since it will be the first time we go there.

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