Fête de l’Oiseau second day

Fête de l’Oiseau second dayWell, in the end we did cave in to our kids harping about it and went to Fête de l’Oiseau today as well. This time we did get a bit wet but it was not too bad. The kids had a lot of fun and, surprisingly enough, they did not really complain (too much) when we decided to go home.

This could of course have something to do with the fact that it a) had started to rain quite heavily by then and b) they had “won” more stuff than they could carry. Of course most of it was cheap crap “Made in China” that we in reality paid a ridiculous amount of money in fees for but what the heck, it is only once a year and we really want to support the local activities here in the region. Fête de l’Oiseau have been held in St Genis Pouilly for quite some time.

When we first moved here the attractions where placed along the streets. We had a few just a hundred meters from the balcony of the flat we occupied at the time. It was much more of a village party and it had a lot more ambiance then but since then rules and regulations have forced the attractions to relocate to a dedicated area at the edge of the village. Personally I feel that it is a bit of a loss. I am sure that the bloody EU bureaucrats have had something to do with this one way or another.

Anyway, despite the less than stellar weather it was a nice Fête de l’Oiseau weekend for us.

Oh, and I added a few more photos to my Miscellaneous photo album on SkyDrive. They are taken with my small compact though since I was afraid of the weather forecast and did not want to risk soaking any of my better cameras. Thus the quality is quite poor.

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