Arrrggghhhh, the CanalSat crapware have screwed me over. . .again!

CanalSat Le Cube is CrapYes, yes this is another rant about how crappy the CanalSat hardware, specifically their +Le Cube satellite receiver/recorder, is but what the f… Last evening me and JJ was going to watch the latest episode of Defiance that we had recorded from SyFy or at least so we thought.

It turned out that, not only had it not recorded the show in question but it claimed that I had to re-initialize the HDD. Naturally that meant that I would lose all of my previous recordings. What the f… is that? There was no error message while doing normal watching. Nothing to indicate that the recording had not been made. It was not until we actually tried to watch it that we learned that everything was screwed up.

Yes I did lose all of my previous recordings and it did me absolutely no good whatsoever. I re-programmed the next time slot for the “rediffusion” of the show but when I came up this morning the receiver was in the same shitty state asking me to re-initialize my hard disk. Double what the f…!

When going to CanalSat’s site I noticed that there is a small notice hidden under the “Espace Client” sub-menu that informs you that after the latest update a lot of people had issues and were recommended to reboot the receiver with everything disconnected to “resolve the problem”. Reading the forums you learned that, surprise, surprise, this did not really solve the problems. There’s no mention of HDD issues though but given the level of CanalSat’s “information” that means nothing.

So, in short, CanalSat botched up their firmware update, or the HDD of this cheapest of the cheap, worthless, good for nothing piece of shitware that claims to be a receiver decided to give up. Probably both.

When I come home again tonight I will have to see if I can force a manual update of everything and see if this solves my issues. Otherwise I might try and see if I can connect another HDD. The HDD is connected via USB and the machine itself claims that it is a “périphérique USB” so if it really is then it should work with any USB drive. Wouldn’t surprise me if this is a lie though and they have some proprietary shit in there to prevent you from doing that.

If I have to get it repaired I am seriously considering buying a “generic” receiver, where I can choose the level of quality myself, and see if I can get that one to work with CanalSat. I would actually consider dumping CanalSat altogether and check out the alternatives.

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