Weather forecast completely off = Great Saturday in the garden

Garden shots taken during a sunny Saturday gardening afternoonToday we, or at least I, spent most of the time in the garden. Bodil didn’t get out into the garden until the afternoon. Anyway, this was somewhat unexpected since the forecast said rain, both for yesterday and today. Obviously I am not complaining.

We had to go to the shopping centre in Thoiry to get some new shoes for Timothy in the morning and I had to drive to the recycling centre with some of last gardening session’s leftovers which we could not put on our own garden compost. I still managed to get the hedge trimmed in the morning though.

In the afternoon Bodil went weed hunting in the vegetable garden while I attacked the driveway and walkways. And so on and so forth during the afternoon…

The kids did, of course, try to grow roots in front of the TV. When they had finished their PS3 session they wanted to watch a movie. At that time they had spent all morning and a couple of hours in the afternoon playing games. Okay, it was on a Saturday but still, I went no f-cking way! The kids got showed out into the garden with a stern warning that if they complained that they could not think of something to do I would take that as a sign that they have been spending too much time in front of the rectangular “stupidifier” and that we had to cut down on their TV-time. It worked, this time.

I snapped a few quick shots during the afternoon which I uploaded to my Miscellaneous photo album on SkyDrive. Yes, yes, I know the lawn needs mowing. I did that right after. Actually I was taking the shots while waiting for it to become 3’o clock at which time it is legal to start to use noisy equipment on a Saturday again.

Now I am going to relax a few moments before it is time to think about dinner. If the weather holds I will carbonize a few slabs of lamb on the barbeque and put together a bean, tomatoes and Feta cheese salad and serve it with some bread from the local bakery.

We met our neighbour at the bakery when buying the bread by the way. He was going to do a barbeque for lunch. The bread he had bought looked a bit funny though. I was kind of round and pink and it said Cote de Provence on it. We got a ordinary Pain de Campagne ourselves :-).

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