Just had a excellent birthday lunch at les Cépages.

Birthday lunch at Le CepageYes, yes, my birthday is not until tomorrow but that is a working day so we did a bit of pre-celebration today by going to les Cépages in one of the villages nearby. The restaurant have one star in guide Michelin which it has held on to for 23 years. We have been there a few times before and that star is well deserved indeed. I am of the opinion that the most price-worthy restaurants are the one-star ones. Once you go to two or three stars the prices sky-rocket to a level where it is not really worth it, at least not for most mere “financial mortals”.

The food was absolutely excellent. They had a very nice concept this time in a 7 course (plus dessert) menu suggestion where you could chose whether you wanted all 7 or just 2 or something in between. Me and Jonathan went for 4 of the 7 courses, Bodil for 3 of them and the two small ones picked a single course from the a’ la carte menu. If you went for the menu you could chose to select wines from the wine list (with 1 200 references!) or go for the chef’s suggestion which comprised a small glass of selected wine for each course.

Even though each course was fairly small, they were adapted so that it should be feasible to have the full 7 course meal after all, after 4 courses plus desert I was totally stuffed.

A very enjoyable Sunday lunch indeed.

One thought on “Just had a excellent birthday lunch at les Cépages.

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